$53 million verdict — brake mechanic suffering from mesothelioma $13.5 million verdict — one of the very first Vioxx trial cases $37 million verdict — 2 asbestos lung cancer plaintiffs $47 million verdict — boilermaker who died from mesothelioma $75 million verdict — historic consolidated trial involving men who had worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the 1940s and 1950s $12.7 million verdict — iron worker who was injured due to unsafe working conditions $25 million jury verdict — brake reliner $30 million verdict — 7 former power-plant workers suffering from asbestos-related illnesses $14 million consolidated verdict — 5 asbestos-related cancer suits: shipyards/powerhouses/construction $44 million verdict — 5 asbestos cases, including $11.6 million awarded to widow of sheet metal worker who died of mesothelioma $64.65 million award — 4 asbestos plaintiffs $17.5 million — consolidated trial of 5 mesothelioma victims $3.5 millio — 2 asbestos exposure cases $15 million settlement — man wound up a paraplegic due to negligent hospital care $5.8 million settlement — failure to perform timely C-Section $6 million settlement — pediatric malpractice case $8 million settlement — obstetrical malpractice resulted in neurological deficits $600,000 settlement — motor vehicle negligence resulting in serious injury $1.6 million settlement — suicide after premature hospital discharge $2.6 million settlement — ill-fitting prosthesis caused decubitus ulcers $1.5 million settlement — construction worker fell off elevated train tracks $750,000 settlement — defective construction equipment resulted in serious injury to worker

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  • Culprits

    Mesothelioma doesn’t just happen.

    It strikes after you breathe asbestos dust. You encounter asbestos dust in ordinary jobs involving everyday types of products.

    The companies and corporations that made those products should be held responsible for the devastation caused by mesothelioma. They should be made to pay the price.

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  • Winners

    Thousands and thousands of mesothelioma victims.

    Together, they have received billions and billions of dollars in compensation from the makers of the asbestos products causing mesothelioma.

    But in order to get paid, they first had to sue. And, before that, they had to choose the right law firm to give themselves the best possible shot at victory.

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  • Fighters

    The law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg. Tough. Smart. Determined. Biggest of the big.

    Yet despite its bulging muscles and bare-fisted talent for knocking the bad guys out cold, Weitz & Luxenberg is gently caring of its clients in a way rarely seen.

    Weitz & Luxenberg. The strength you want. The compassion you expect. And $7.3 billion in verdicts and settlements.

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